Who are these courses for?

If your answer is "yes" to most of the following, these courses were designed just for you.

  • I never felt emotionally safe in my childhood.

  • I struggle with chronic mental and physical health issues.

  • I never feel good enough, no matter what I do.

  • I feel lonely inside, even when I am not alone.

  • I am highly self critical and judgmental.

  • I tend to find myself repeating unhealthy relationship patterns.

  • I long to be safe and understood by a partner.

  • I feel too much, and think too much about everything.

  • I don't really know what it feels like to love myself.

Courses Include:

  • Videos/Workbooks (PDF)/Screen Recordings of Workbook Pages

    Information, exercises, and journal prompts focused on helping you understand, identify, and heal your trauma and relationships. Each course also includes a screen recording of each workbook so exercises can be explained and done alongside the instructor.

  • Guided Meditations

    Guided meditations designed to help soothe and regulate your nervous system, heal your inner child and attachment wounds. From Inner Child work, to the Ideal Parent Protocol, Safe Place, and Affirmations - courses include different calming meditations to help facilitate self love, self compassion, and healing.

As children, our only option was to try to survive our childhood.

Today, we can begin to heal and thrive.


  • What can I expect to learn in these courses?

    The goal for you is to fully understand what happened in your childhood, and how to begin healing your life. Each course has a matching workbook, journal prompts, exercises, screen recorded versions of the workbook (so you can do the workbook exercises with the instructor), and several guided meditations targeted directly at your healing goals.

  • What experience do you have in helping people heal from wounded parents and childhood trauma?

    I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Master's degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. I have been working in private practice with a specialty in healing childhood trauma, at the hands of parents who struggle with Narcissism and Borderline PD, for many years. I have helped hundreds of children and adults heal and thrive after the pain of childhood trauma. I have been trained in trauma informed therapies, including EMDR and Master Classes on treating Complex Trauma, Anxiety and Relationship issues. Personally, I have also experienced childhood and adult trauma, with parents with BPD and NPD, as well as Narcissistic abuse.